Code of Practice

Code of Practice

Sportscover Australia Pty Ltd complies with the Insurance Council of Australia’s General Insurance Code of Practice. Underwriters at Lloyd’s proudly support the General Insurance Code of Practice.You can access it at

The purpose of the Code is to raise standards of practice and service in the general insurance industry. The Code of Practice covers the following areas:

– Buying Insurance;

– Insurance Claims;

– Response to Catastrophes and Disasters;

– Information and Education;

– Complaints Handling Procedures;

– Code Monitoring and Enforcement.

Our commitment to the Code of Practice ensures that we will deal with You in a fair, honest and transparent manner. Furthermore, our staff will be appropriately qualified to deal with You and any query You may have in relation to this Insurance.

Any Complaints or enquiries relating to this Insurance should be referred to Us in the first instance. The Code of Practice provides General Insurers with a guide on how best to deal with any Complaints or queries.

Furthermore, Sportscover agrees that:

If a dispute arises under this Insurance, this Insurance will be subject to Australian law and practice and Sportscover will submit to the jurisdiction of any           competent Court in the Commonwealth of Australia;

Any summons notice or process to be served upon Sportscover may be served upon:

Lloyd’s Australia Limited

Level 9

1 O’Connell Street

Sydney NSW 2000



Tel: +61 (0)2 8298 0700

Fax: +61 (0)2 8298 0788

who has authority to accept service and to appear on Our behalf;

If a suit is instituted against any other Underwriter participating in this Insurance, all Underwriters participating in this Insurance will abide by the final decision of such Court or any competent Appellate Court.