Sportscover VITAL is a risk management system that automatically keeps medical and emergency details up to date for sports clubs and associations who have a duty of care for their members.

It makes these important details instantly available to authorised people such as coaches and team organisers on their mobile devices in an emergency… so they know who to call, what to do, or what to tell an ambulance paramedic.

Sportscover VITAL automates the collection of any other custom information and provides instant communication with team members for arranging team training and events making managing your team activities as simple as sending one text.

It is a VITAL risk management and communication tool for all sports teams, clubs and associations.


  Reduce the risk of medical errors and lost time in emergencies. First responders know what to do and who to call!

•  Give adult members and parents/guardians ownership and control of details, ensuring emergency and medical information is up to date

  Save time with automatic reminders to chase members or parents/guardians to complete missing emergency contacts and medical details

•  Prepare your team officials with instant access to emergency data on their mobile phone or tablet – even when offline. No more paper files to carry around, and emergency details are much more accessible when required.

  Log injuries on mobile devices at the time of the incident. Sportscover Vital creates an injury database for your sport

  Built in messaging to email or SMS team members or parents/guardians





For more information, please contact your nearest SPORTSCOVER office.