• Cyber training – are you compliant?

Sportscover and CybSafe partner to provide
essential Data Protection Training for NGBs,
Associations and Sports Clubs

As you are probably already aware, there is a major new regulation, the
General Data Protection Regulation or ‘GDPR’, which will be introduced
next year that will have significant implications for organisations holding
personal data. GDPR requires that all information holders:
• demonstrate that they have processes and policies in place to
comply with the law; and
• have taken reasonable steps to prevent data misuse or leakage.
Failure to do so may result in a fine – for minor incidents this can be up
to £8.5 million or 2% of the data holder’s turnover, whichever is greater.
Increasingly, National Governing Bodies (NGB’s), sports associations
and sports clubs are exposed to an ever-increasing number and range
of cyber-attacks. True preparation for GDPR means thinking about more
than typical cyber threats such as phishing and malware, because a
data breach under the new General Data Protection Regulation is
defined as any security incident which leads to the destruction, loss
and unauthorised access to personal data sent or collected by the
Appropriate, targeted training can go a long way to protecting any
organisation from a damaging cyber-attack.
Did you know that:
• 80% of cyber threats are a result of human error?
• 70% of small business had a security breach in 2015?
• For large organizations the average data breach costs around
£3.15 million?
Sportscover and CybSafe partner to provide
essential Data Protection Training for NGBs,
Associations and Sports Clubs
As a leading insurance partner to the Sports Industry, Sportscover have
partnered with CybSafe to promote a cost-effective, focused Cyber
Awareness training platform, designed to help you reduce this human
factor of your cyber risk.
The CybSafe platform and content allows you to become both GDPR
and cyber risk aware in one unified solution. It will help you:
• reduce your chance of being a victim of cyber-attack;
• retain key evidence of the reasonable steps you are taking to
educate individuals within the organisation on best practices supporting
GDPR compliance;
• understand the cyber threats you face every day – explaining the
issues clearly with real world examples;
• feel confident that you are receiving the right training – CybSafe
training is GCHQ-accredited;
• maximise knowledge retention – CybSafe has been created
in bitesize interactive modules utilising the latest psychological and
behavioural science theory;
• stay constantly up to date – as new threats emerge new content is
added so your training evolves with the changing threat landscape;
• track improvements in cyber awareness and behavioral changes
over time.
Through our partnership with CybSafe, Sportscover have been able to
negotiate a 10% discount subscription prices which start from just £26.99
per user per year and is even better value for larger organisations. The
platform can be accessed simply by visiting the page below:
Additional notes:
Sportscover is one of the world’s leading specialist sports and leisure
insurers, with over 30 years’ experience in providing tailored sports and
leisure insurance solutions with a range of high quality products all
backed by first class security. With offices in London, Melbourne and
Sydney and using a worldwide broker network, Sportscover provides
accident, liability, property, contingency and travel insurances for sport
and leisure in over 20 countries.
CybSafe is a leading provider of cyber security awareness training that
focuses on better protecting people from cyber threats, both at work and
at home. It uses a cloud-based, data-driven Unified Cyber Awareness
Platform grounded in psychology and behavioural science which has
been built to address the human aspect of cyber security. The GCHQaccredited
software platform helps business to mitigate cyber risk with
greater certainty, greater impact, and more cost effectively. CybSafe is
a member of Level39, the prestigious cyber security tech community
based in Canary Wharf.